Progress Update – 12/31/2017 – New acheivements after a long break

If you’re new to, Welcome! We started this blog August 2016 after The Revelation, deciding on The Mission, and starting this site.  We post when time allows about the journey, personal finance, and miscellaneous musings in the Posts section.  We have a toddler and full time jobs so time has been a little sparse lately, but this is a new year and I resolve to post a little more frequently.

Winding down to year end we hit a new milestone that I’m very excited about.  We passed $2 million in investment savings.  Easy to understand the driver as the stock market has continued full throttle.

Retirement Portfolio as of 12/31/17 – $2,037,874.42 – up $202,654 since our last update on 7/22/2017


Still trending ahead of goal by about 200k now.

Charted – Actual retirement savings against our prorated goal is starting to take shape. Certainly I am happy to see the orange line above the blue one!

Net Worth – $2,326,879.89
Hit $2.3 million since the last update.  Difference between net worth and investment balance is primarily equity in our home and cars.

What we’ve been up to….

Honestly, just life.  Working, young child, bowling, holidays, yada yada yada.  I’m attempting to get back in the grove now and post more frequently.  It was super exciting to set a goal and dream about our early retirement selves.  Then what happened was… nothing.  We have a few years left and… nothing.  Nothing changes for quite a while.  We’ll keep and developing our vision for that future but until then not a lot changes.

More to come on our latest ideas.  Until then, thanks for reading.

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