Progress Update – 3/4/2017 – $2MM Net Worth

If you’re new to, Welcome!  We started this blog August 2016 after The Revelation, deciding on The Mission, and starting this site.  We post regularly about the journey, personal finance, and miscellaneous musings in the Posts section.

We had been posting our financial goal progress monthly, but as that doesn’t change in interesting ways each month we’re going to scale it back a bit a post quarterly and for the big events.  That said we did hit an exciting threshold this week.

This time we are up again but have also moved way up against our goals due mostly to annual bonuses but also because the markets continue to move ahead.  In addition to bonuses, we continue to contribute to our 401k plans.  As the market continues to rise I find myself more and more concerned about adding stocks at these levels.  We’ll discuss further in an upcoming post but for now, on to the numbers.
Retirement Portfolio as of 3/4/17 – $1,740,860 – up $122,444

Our monthly change lagged the S&P 500 index this month.  We gained 3.62% vs 4.93% for the S&P 500.  The biggest portion of this miss is increasing cash holdings.  Certainly some holdings lagged such as STATE STREET REAL ASSET C which is primarily materials which have been held in check by a strong dollar.

Caught up hugely this month.  Our annual bonuses total about 70k so after the tax bite we were able to contribute about 50k between the 401k and after tax portions.  This put us $80,678 ahead of where we need to be to meet goal.

Charted – The charted actual retirement savings against our prorated goal is starting to take shape.  Certainly I am happy to see the orange line above the blue one!

Nothing big to report.  We continue to keep an eye on specific areas where we have the most ability to move the needle.  For us those are food and alcohol.  They’re keeping in line with what we’ve budgeted now that the holidays past.
Net Worth – $2,005,413
And the exciting news for the post is our net worth!  For the first time ever we exceeded an all in net worth of $2 million!

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