Progress Update – 12/22/16

If you’re new to, Welcome!  It’s now been 4 months since The Revelation, deciding on The Mission, and starting this site.  We post regularly about the journey, personal finance, and miscellaneous musings in the Posts section.

This month shows us mostly up again as the major US indices continue to flirt with all time highs after an election result that promised an immediate and dramatic drop.  Our 401k plans are maxed out for the year so no contributions there, but we did move $8,000 into our brokerage account this period.

Retirement Portfolio as of 12/22/16 – $1,577,244.65 – up $18,522.47

Our monthly change followed the change in market indices, but only to a point.  We gained .68% vs 2.63% for the S&P 500.

To understand the difference I looked at the change in my individual holdings over the period.


As with last month, emerging markets were down.  Ignore the Europe ETF, that was a sale prior to year end to take a loss for tax purposes.

Caught up a smidge again this month.  I think it’s likely that we won’t be able to get back on track until early next year.  In February we’ll get our annual bonuses.  They aren’t huge but those combined with pre-tax investments in our 401k plans will result in a quick tick up.


Charted – This is not a very interesting chart, but show’s we are a little below goal.  Maybe in a year or 2 it will demonstrate some superb progress.


Still nothing big to report.  We continue to keep an eye on specific areas where we have the most ability to move the needle.  For us those are food and alcohol.  They’re keeping in line with what we’ve budgeted. I’ll dive deeper into our adventures in budgeting in future posts. That’s all for now, see you next month.

Net Worth – $1,829,503.64
The change in net worth follows the change in our investment portfolio.  Nothing exciting otherwise.

Happy Holidays to all!!  Many more posts on the way now that the hectic holiday season is over.

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  1. Hi,

    I feel like I am in a similar situation as you just a few years younger than you. We have about $600k and just started adding to an aftertax accounts. We both max out our 401k and we are going to add about $30k to the aftertax accounts this year. I was looking at your rate of return for your monthly, and your targeting about 13% growth for the year. I know that your prob adding at least 18k from 401k and some aftertax accounts as well. How did you come up with your % to get to your goal of $2.5mm? Also can you share what your family is grossing, just gauging on something that my family can do. let me know, we can email if you like. thanks.

    1. P.S. – My assumed rate of return is about 7% while we’re working and 4% after. Both of these could be conservative but before we pull the trigger on quitting our jobs I want to be sure we can support it.

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