Progress Update – 10/22/16

If you’re new to, Welcome!  We’re only two months since The Revelation, deciding on The Mission, and starting this site.  This is our second monthly progress update with many more to come.  We also post regularly about the journey, personal finance, and miscellaneous musings in the Posts section.  I would like to give a shoutout to Rockstar Finance who recently added us to their blogger net worth page.  They have a lot of great content, worth the visit.

On to the details…. cue the sad music.

Our second update certainly isn’t as upside happy as the first.  That said, I’m not at all worried.  Reason being that we have many, many months of saving left.  We are depending heavily on stock market gains in order to reach our retirement savings goals.  If there is going to be a decline in the market, the earlier the better.  We’ll think of it as stocks on sale at discount rates and buy more shares for the same money.  No contributions this month.  Our 401k plans are maxed out for the year and not enough extra dough to push into our brokerage.

Retirement Portfolio as of 10/22/16 – $1,535,859.18 – Down $33,920.16

Our monthly decline mostly followed the decrease in market indices. We were down 2.16% vs 1.65% for the S&P 500.


Fell a little behind this month’s goal but we’ll make it up down the road


Charted – Month two, still a sad little chart

Still nothing big to report.  We continue to keep an eye on specific areas where we have the most ability to move the needle.  For us those are food and alcohol.  They’re keeping in line with what we’ve budgeted. I’ll dive deeper into our adventures in budgeting in future posts. That’s all for now, see you next month.

Net Worth – $1,790,901

Net worth isn’t the number we’re exactly tracking to so I didn’t initially include it.  My rational was that most of the difference between retirement savings and net worth is the equity in our house.  The budget that I put together for our early retirement assumes we will own our house.  Since I’ve been asked though, I’m going to go ahead and include it going forward in the monthly updates.

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