Progress Update – 9/22/16

Since we made our exit young decision on the 22nd and we’re targeting retirement on 2/22/21, I though I would continue to provide updates as of the 22nd of each month.  It will take a few days to get updated spending data and gather thoughts on that data so we’ll post a few days later typically.

I’ve seen a lot of praise for so I thought I would check it out.  I’ve been a Quicken user for years, since Microsoft stopped producing Money.  I really like a lot of the Quicken functionality for budgeting and reporting and will continue to use it.  But I must say I was amazed at how well Personal Capital worked.  It did a much better job of downloading correct balances from all kinds of tricky accounts that Quicken struggles with.  I was also pleasantly surprised how in depth the reporting got for a website like this.  The retirement calculators were pretty cool too.  I was concerned that I might get spammed with offers for their advisory services and have received a phone call and a couple emails.  Nothing obnoxious though and a cheap price to pay for use of their tools.  I will be using Personal Capital to track our progress and display our standings.  Since I just set it up, its a bit truncated this first go round.

Retirement Portfolio as of 9/22/16 – $1,569,779.34 – Up $21,874.67


The markets certainly pepped up the last few days of the month, otherwise I think we would have started in the wrong direction.

So how did we track against our goal?

excel-20160922  Well if you straight line our goal from start to end as I have here, the goal for this month was $1,565,536.07.  We exceeded that goal by $4,243.28.  Part of the reason was a contribution to a taxable brokerage account of $10,000.  As we have maxed out our 401k contributions for the year, the goal is to push as much as we can into our brokerage account through year end.









Charted – Since we’re only a month in, the chart is rather sad

Not too much to discuss here yet. We are making some progress bringing some key areas down. The obvious improvement has been the near elimination of Starbucks. We had let it become an almost daily latte spend which quickly gets to about $200 a month… wow! We’re also trying to down size our wine and beer spending. No special goal here other than to try to go a little less and a little cheaper. That’s all for now, see you next month.

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